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Textile Industry is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. In order to strengthen the backbone, it is necessary to develop strong collaboration among researchers, industrialists and policy makers.

Owing to the success of the 5th International Conference on Value Addition and Innovation in Textiles which was held in March 2019 in National Textile University, Faisalabad for the Textile and Apparel Industry, we hereby welcome and invite to the 6th International Conference on Technical Textiles with special emphasis on Protective Textiles in the wake of COVID-19, Nanotechnology and Surface Functionalization, Technical and Coated Textiles, Smart and Functional Textiles and Advanced Textile Structures & Composites

This conference will provide an outstanding platform for international research collaborations between academics, practitioners, curators, industrialists and other active groups and individuals. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity for sharing the cultural and conceptual issues that hinder contemporary textile researche in various parts of the world. Our aim is to promote critical engagement with practice and to encourage people to give their point of view on current or ongoing research and development in various areas of textiles.

We welcome those with an interest or expertise in textile research and innovation and are currently engaged in practice-based or theory-based textile research. We will also encourage the development of research relating to both contemporary and historical textiles.